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Why You Need an SEO Audit

December 9, 2021
by William Carvell

Search engine optimization is constantly evolving, which is why an SEO audit being performed on a regular basis can be an important part of your SEO strategies. A good SEO audit can improve your digital marketing strategies and help your website thrive. Your online presence will determine how successful you are. This article will take a look at the top reasons why you need an SEO audit to improve the user experience and increase the traffic to your website. 

SEO Audits Can Identify Technical Issues

The user experience actually plays a huge role SEO because if visitors immediately leave your page or there are errors, your website ranking suffers. There are several different technical issues that can be uncovered with an SEO audit. One issue is website speed. If your website has a long load time, people are going to lose patience and leave your website. This will give you a higher bounce rate, which hurts your SEO, and they will go to your competition. It’s important to know here that 40% of visitors will abandon the page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Another issue that SEO audits can identify are 404 errors, 301 redirects, and 302 redirects. 404 errors are supposed to be non-existent on your site and there should be minimal redirects. Redirects creates a slower user experience, which means that they will have a negative experience on your website. What makes 404 errors an issue is that it blocks users to accessing pages.

SEO audits can also help you see how good your mobile website is. If you have a top ranking with a search engine on mobile devices, you will get 27.7% of user clicks. This means that it can be very important to take the time to make sure that your mobile website is responsive for your mobile users.

Lastly, SEO audits can find how easily search engines can crawl your page, which impacts your search rankings. Crawlers search around websites and follow links on those sites as a regular user would do. Crawlability refers to how easily these search engine crawlers can do this. Issues that can impact crawlability include dead ends or broken links. Crawlability has a significant impact on your search engine rankings. 

By learning about these technical issues, you can find ways to fix them to improve the user experience.

Identifies On-Page Issues with Your Website

On-page SEO is a term that refers to optimizations that you can easily make to your content to improve your SEO. There are a few different on-page issues that an SEO audit can help you identify. One issue that an SEO audit can identify is problems with your meta descriptions and meta titles. It’s important that the meta titles have between 35 and 70 keywords, which needs to include the primary keyword. The meta descriptions should have fewer than 160 characters, sticking closer to 150 characters. The meta description should also include not only the primary keyword, but also include a call-to-action if it’s relevant.

Another on-page issue that SEO audits can identify is headers. Headers are important because they can improve readability for guests to your website. The biggest headers will offer the most information about the pages, while the other headers organize your content and help your visitors easily navigate your content for the information that they are looking for. Be sure that headers include keywords wherever possible. 

Finally, SEO audits can identify issues with content and internal linking issues. Content is so important to your SEO, which is why it’s important that your content is optimized to best optimize your page. You shouldn’t overstuff your content with keywords, as this can have a negative impact on your SEO because search engines will penalize you. It’s also important that keywords sound natural in the content and it reads well. By learning about issues with your internal linking, you can fix issues so that users can more easily navigate your site.

Identifying and Monitoring Competition

You need to know who your competition is before you start working towards building up your online presence. SEO audits can help you identify who your competition is, identify what their strategy is, and how to come up with the plan to succeed. 

It’s just as important to monitor your competition. Through good SEO audits, you can learn about the competition’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their SEO strategy. You can learn about which keywords they use and learn about their search rankings. You can even learn whether or not these strategies will work for your specific needs. It can also be beneficial to use the keywords that they are weak in using and figure out a way to rank higher in them to gain a competitive edge.

Building a Content Strategy

Once you learn about your competition, you can build an amazing content strategy. You can learn about which backlinks are going to work for your business. Use the knowledge gained by the SEO audit and apply it to improving your website, giving your customers an awesome user experience that will boost your SEO.

Identifying Backlinks

Backlinks are still considered important to SEO by Google algorithms. Generally speaking, the more reputable links that you have to stellar content, the higher your website ranks on search engines. SEO audits can answer some of the most important questions that you need answers for about backlinks to take the best advantage of them. These questions include:

  • How many backlinks do you have on your website?
  • Are there any “spammy” backlinks on your website?
  • Compared to your competitors, how many backlinks do they have?

To make the most of using backlinks, be sure that you focus on reputable websites that have quality content that offers value to your visitors.


Regularly-performed SEO audits can work wonders for your website. If you are trying to find ways to improve your website to gain an edge on the competition, investing in an SEO audit can be the best investment you make in your website. 

Not sure how to perform an SEO audit? There are tons of options out there, but one of my favorites to date, has been Website Auditor by SEO Powersuite. This tool suite has been a lifesaver for my pocketbook, being one of the most robust systems out there and astonishingly, one of the most affordable.

If you are looking for a suitable, in-depth SEO auditor I would highly recommend SEO Powersuite be your next investment. They do have a free plan, but the paid version is well worth it and still more affordable than most of the competition.

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