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Why SEO Strategies for Your Small Business Are Falling Short

December 9, 2021
by William Carvell

The prime goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase the web traffic of your site in order to generate more attention and clients for your business that can translate into sales of their products or services. However, start-ups tend to fall a little short on this front, unable to get the results that they need.

When this occurs, it’s important to identify the reasons why your current SEO strategy plan isn’t garnering the success that you need. Speaking with an SEO service can help in spotting the specific reason that your business is faltering, as well as rectifying it to get your business right on track. Here are some of the common points on why your SEO strategies just aren’t doing it for your business:

1) Tracking Isn’t Set Up

Analytics tools are important to track how your website is performing, giving out insight about whether customers are coming on to certain web pages and whether there are certain components that aren’t working. Having tools to track your traffic, conversions, keywords, search traffic etc, is not only imperative for keeping an eye on progress; but it's also a great way to uncover new opportunities to capitalize on.  

If you don’t have this set up, you’re executing your SEO strategies blindly. I recommend two tools that are absolutely essential to any campaign:  Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.  

Google Search Console (GSC) is how we manage our indexing, and keep an eye on our performance in the search results.  No extraneous traffic to the site, just pure search data.  

Google Analytics (GA) is how we track our site traffic and everything attributed to the people that are actually visiting the site.  This is awesome because we can not only see the overview of the traffic that is coming into the site, but we can analyze the traffic and pull important information from it like: visit duration, average page views, bounce rates, conversions and so much more.

If you haven't set these tools up yet, I encourage you to make this your next priority and learn how to use them to the fullest.

2) The Techniques Are Outdated

Some small businesses often have the wrong idea about SEO, performing tactics that just don’t work in today’s landscape. There are updated techniques for generating more clicks and increasing your conversion rate in the long run. For example, it’s all about the content when it comes to websites targeting and capturing their audience.

It's so much more than math nowadays.  Google isn't just searching sites for certain keywords and counting their appearances on the page.  It's looking for answers to the questions the users are asking.  

Google is focused on the user-experience and making sure that the results are relevant to the user's inquiry.  Your goal is to be the best answer to their question.

Things like PBN's, keyword stuffing, etc (whether grey-hat or black-hat) are all losing their luster.  White-hat tactics, quality content and writing for the user will always be the tried and true method for ranking on Google effectively.  

Keeping up with changes to Google's algorithms will be important for businesses to hold their ground as ranking factors become more sophisticated.

3) Keyword Research Is Lacking

Content is the most important component of any SEO campaign.  Without it, you're dead in the water.  Of course, to make it work; keywords are a major detail that you should pay special attention to.

It’s important to conduct some research to understand which words and phrases have a high search volume on Google and several other search engines. Taking advantage of those keywords can give your website and its content a boost in visibility.

It's not just about finding keywords that will bring you traffic, though.  Truthfully, all the traffic in the world means nothing without a captive audience.  

What you really need is qualified traffic.  So choose keywords that have the best traffic of course, but make sure you filter through them by their search intent.  Consider whether the reader is looking to buy your service by what they were searching to find your content.

4) Meta Tags Don’t Get Attention

Another component that’s as important as keywords on the content of your website is the meta tags. Having text that simplifies and summarizes what your site is writing about can help search engines in recommending the right content to an internet user. Take advantage of that mechanism and be sure to implement meta tags on each web page.

Remember that your meta titles and meta descriptions are important for your potential customers.  

As they are searching for the target keywords you've optimized for, if you come up in the results but the title doesn't feel relevant to the user, they're not likely to click.  Having an appealing and relevant meta title/description is an important part of optimizing for click through rates (CTR).

Don't get too hung up this though.  As Google continues to play around with things for their users, they may even ignore your tags altogether; wringing their own or choosing content from your site to provide a better experience for searchers.  Give them a strong foundation to work off and keep an eye on your results!

5) Website UX Is Questionable

Sometimes, your SEO might be working, but people are clicking right off the landing website. There’s a possibility that the website’s provided user experience may not be up to par with what an internet user is seeking out.

It might be in the quality of the site or the loading speed, but it’s something that will have to change when moving forward.

Consider a redesign of the site that captures the users' attention as soon as they land on the site.  A strong first impression is always something to strive for when designing and maintaining a site.  

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of the site, be sure you are not ignoring the overall site health.  

Loading speeds and your core web vitals are important considerations for giving your users the best possible experience when visiting your site.  

If you are unsure how to check those things, check out free tools such as GTMetrix or Google's Pagespeed insights for feedback on the site's performance and even recommendations for how to improve it.

6) Results Are Being Rushed

Being too impatient can cause setbacks in your implementation of SEO strategies. If you try to put out too much content at once in an attempt to get as many clicks in a short span, you may struggle to keep up the same pace. You may also switch between techniques too often out of frustration.

Releasing content in forced spurts won't help you rank higher.  I'm certainly not saying that more content isn't a good thing.  But studies have shown that a steady release of blog posts is beneficial in gaining a bit of favor in Google's eyes.

When partaking in content marketing, it's best to release your content on a consistent schedule.  This will help keep you organized and hopefully prevent frustration and burnout from the process.  Feel free to create the content ahead of time if you feel inspired, but hold off on publishing your works until your designated timeframes.  Create a schedule and exercise some restraint over rushing the results.

After all--Google loves consistency and predictability.

7) Lack of Knowledge

This might be a simple point, but an important one.  Consider that maybe your SEO isn’t flourishing because you’re simply pandering to the wrong audience or your content is not optimized.

Perhaps you’re unable to handle your niche, or worse--you’re in an industry where competitors are already established while you’re just getting there.

Hire someone who has experience in everything there is to know about SEO to assist your business and website.  Carvell. Web Services is always happy to help, so send me a message, call or email and I'll be glad to assist!


Small business SEO just like any other, can be tricky.  If you’re suspicious about any of the points mentioned, it’s probably time for a reassessment of your SEO market strategy before refining it. Have a discussion in order to fully optimize your website and gain the results you need for your business to grow.

Are you a small business owner in need of SEO services?  Carvell. Web Services is a local SEO expert and custom web developer that provides affordable SEO services for small businesses in Selinsgrove, PA.

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