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3 Principles of Web Design You Shouldn't Overlook

December 9, 2021
by William Carvell

The digital revolution today has come to the point where the entire idea of what constitutes a great website design has turned on its head because of the various developments taking place. 

Within the past few years alone, the advent of digital marketing has transformed the definition of what constitutes a top-quality example of design thanks to all the new factors being introduced.

From user-centered approaches to SEO-oriented design principles, the concepts that encompass modern design make it essential to come prepared regarding designing any page. Although web design continues to change as consumer standards grow alongside technological growth, there’s one aspect that remains relevant today: The list of best design practices.

Whether you’re making a website for an e-commerce store or social page, following the proper design practices can make a world of difference in the outcome. Fortunately, brushing up on all the details and implementing them for eventual success isn’t a tiresome or difficult effort because some information can immediately go a long way. 

Web design principles for success

If you’re planning to build a website or redesign your page, here are three essential design practices that you should never overlook when aiming for guaranteed results:

Principle #1: Cohesion 

When it comes to creating a web design that’s as effective as it is attractive, no concept is far more integral than unity.

The main reason this mindset matters when it comes to putting all the elements together is because the presence of design consistency (or the lack thereof) can significantly affect the experience of a user. Whether it is regarding your chosen colors, graphics, or text assortment and tone, creating and maintaining a level of unity in all your details will go a long way!

Principle #2: Easy-to-read typefaces

Creating a web design that’s functional entails taking on a “holistic” approach by leaving no detail out when it comes to putting the pieces together, and this is especially true in the case of readable typefaces.

No matter how attractive a “fancy” script style may seem, these options should never be used in any web design because of how difficult they are to read. When you make the mistake of choosing form over function in your site’s design, you’re essentially putting your efforts at risk because making such an error will impact its functionality.

Instead of going for options that are hard to read to the point where they can impede how your message is delivered, opt for a straightforward serif for legibility and approachability!

Principle #3: Proportion and alignment

Among all the different mistakes that managers and budding website owners make when putting their web design together, none are as impactful as the presence of proportion and alignment.

Even though they may not necessarily be as “obvious” as your choice of colors, shapes, or elements, these factors significantly affect the quality, look, and feel of any website. This essentially means that a lack of them can throw the UX far off course. The matter about achieving proportion and alignment in the best way possible is that it’s far better to hire the services of an expert to take on the task instead because of all the intricacies involved!

Not sure about designing from scratch?

If you are struggling with the design of your site, there are other ways to get that professional look you strive for.

For example, there are tons of great website builder options out there that will give you a template you can customize. I personally use Webflow, which has been an integral part of growing my businesses and making managing my sites much more streamlined.

If you haven't decided on a website builder or you are still in the deciding phase, I highly recommend giving Webflow a try. They do have a free plan while you build your site and the hosting plans are pretty affordable once you're ready to publish to your custom domain.

If you've decided to use this option, you can go to their templates page in the main menu and browse both free and paid template options. Just select the one you want, and customize it for your brand!


Putting a memorable, effective, and attractive web design together can seem like a challenging endeavor because of all the factors that must be taken into account. Yet, approaching the task with the right principles in mind can ease up the process. With the help of this guide and the three web design principles mentioned, you’ll be able to circumvent the challenges and create a finished product that will help you best achieve your goals!

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